Our Services

We have extensive network of couriers and same day delivery service with our expert drivers who can deliver your packages and parcels of any size or weight under any timelines and as per your need. 

We are the trusted & reliable courier service in Faridabad and best courier service in Delhi NCR. 


Same Day Express Delivery

We are there to deliver your urgent packages, from envelopes to freight of all weights within the same day or defined time in rushed manner. All of our drivers are fully trained and expert to deliver your parcel to destination. We take care your all needs of urgent and regular deliveries and make sure they arrive at destination on time and within time. 

Healthcare & Retails

We are dedicated to deliver the urgent healthcare supplies, medical equipments, medical devices, samples and much more. We have dedicated team for pickup and delivery for healthcare. Also we are in Retails & Wholesales business deliveries like grocery, gifts and much more. 

Documents & Fragile Items

We ship your fragile items and urgent and important documents like Legal Documents, Files, Banking documents, Contracts and any other important documents with utmost care and importance at no extra cost. We have a committed delivery for these at affordable prices. 

MRC's & ARC's

Make a Monthly Rate Contract or Annual Rate Contract with us and get the price benefits with exclusive courier services. Make a rate contract with approx business value and get the benefits over the month and over the year. 

Rural to Urban area connectivity

Coming Soon……